Medical Journal Articles written by Dr. Kinderlehrer

Anorexia-Nervosa Caused by Polymicrobial Tick-Borne Infections

Global Journal of Medical Research
Microbial Induced Autoimmune Inflammation as a Cause of Mental Illness in Adolescents: A Case Series

Journal of Biomedial Research & Enviromental Sciences
Does Lyme Disease Cause PANS?

Is Bartonella a Cause of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis? A Case Study 

Other Articles written by Dr. Kinderlehrer

Daily Camera
Guest Opinion: Firearms and Mental Illness: A Physician’s Perspective
Feature July 2021: When specific foods trigger brain inflammation in children
Feature June 2021: Study detects tick-borne illness in teens hospitalized for depression
Feature May 2021: Can Lyme disease and Bartonella trigger eating disorders?
Feature November 2020: Patients can respond very differently to disulfiram. Be cautious.
Feature March 2020: Is your child crazy, or sick? Mental illness vs. medical disorder
Feature November 2019: Many patients find disulfiram a “game-changing” Lyme treatment
Feature July 2019: Disulfiram–breakthrough drug for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases?
Feature January 2018: Can medical marijuana help treat Lyme disease? A doctor’s perspective

The Mighty
An Urgent Call to Address an Epidemic Decades in the Making

Lyme Disease, Kids and Mental Illness: Are Tick-borne Infections Contributing to the Epidemic in Mental Illness?

Psychology Today
May 2021  Recovery from Lyme: Microbes Causing Mental Illness

Psychology Today
June 2021 Recovery from Lyme: Infections causing eating disorders and PANS Part I

Psychology Today
June 2021 Recovery from Lyme: Infections causing eating disorders and PANS Part II

Psychology Today
July 2021 Recovery from Lyme: Infections causing eating disorders and PANS Part III

Spiritual Media Blog
Excerpt: An Urgent Call to Address an Epidemic Decades in the Making


Andrea Gibson

Ann Louise Gittleman

Lyme Disease Stops Here

Authority Magazine
5 Things We Must Do To Improve the US Healthcare System

The Back Doctors Podcast
Interview: Episode 197 Dr. Daniel Kinderleher – Recovery from Lyme Disease

Episode #141: Recovery from Lyme Disease with Dr. Dan Kinderlehrer, MD
Interview January 2020: Disulfiram in the treatment of tick-borne infections

The Brainwaves Video Anthology
Interview on Recovery from Lyme Disease

The Brainwaves Video Anthology
Neuropeptides & Kabbalah: Evolving Paradigms in Medicine and Healing

The Brainwaves Video Anthology
Teachers Make a Difference - Hannah, Eliana & Tovah

Boulder Book Store
Author Q&A with Daniel A. Kinderlehrer

Microbes and Mental Illness - PANS and Tick Borne Infections
Colorado Lyme and TBD Support Group, Meetup, December 5, 2021

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Guy's Guy Radio with Robert Manni
#461 Lyme Disease Specialist Dr. Daniel A Kinderlehrer

Hélène T. Stelian: Empowering Women in Midlife

Excerpt: Our work as physicians and healers is to see the whole patient

Kristina Bauer, Texas Lyme Alliance
Dr. Dan Kinderlehrer, Book "Recovery from Lyme": PANDAS, MCAS, FOOD TRIGGERS

Kristina Bauer, Texas Lyme Alliance
Dr Dan Kinderlehrer on new book and GI health with Lyme related eating disorders

Kristina Bauer, Texas Lyme Alliance
Interview October, 2019: Early experience with disulfiram

Kristina Bauer, Texas Lyme Alliance
Interview January 2021 Part 1: A wide ranging discussion on disulfiram; food, chemical and EMF sensitivities; mast cell issues; Bartonella

Kristina Bauer, Texas Lyme Alliance
Interview January 2021 Part 2: Continued discussion on Dr. Kinderlehrer’s book, brain inflammation, Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS) and the Lyme wars

Is Lyme Disease Causing Your Gut Health Issues?
Apple Podcast, Ep. 29 Gut Health Reset with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter

Lucid Cafe
Recovery from Lyme Disease

Lyme 360: HEAL podcast

PA Lyme Resource Network
Presentation— Lyme Disease Complex: It’s Not Just the Bugs

Think Act Be Podcast  Apple Podcast
With Seth Gillihan, What is the Role of Lyme Disease in Common Psyciatric Illnesses?

Thrive Global

Tick-borne Diseases, PANS/PANDAS and Resulting Pediatric Anxiety and Eating Disorders

October 2021, Ticktective Video Podcast for The Bay Area Lyme Foundation

What Matters Most
#828 Interview with Paul Samuel Dolman