Recovery from Lyme Disease

Recovery from Lyme Disease

Recovery from Lyme Disease
The Integrative Medicine Guide to Diagnosing and Treating Tick-Borne Illness
By Daniel A. Kinderlehrer
Published by Skyhorse
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From the foreword by world-leading Lyme expert Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., MD:

A detailed and thoughtful road-map is sorely needed. And it is in this context that I am so pleased that we have this book by Dr. Kinderlehrer. I wish I had had a book like this back in the day to guide me! It covers just about everything—the infections, diagnostic tests, treatments, and yes, the all-important terrain. It gives the reader an in-depth, but easily understandable, guide through the many subtleties of tick-borne illnesses. One is impressed with the knowledge presented and grateful for this information which has helped so many people recover from chronic illness.

To anyone touched by tick-borne diseases, be they a patient, a caregiver or loved one, or health practitioner, this book is a must-read. It will serve as a continuing reference as it gets read and reread to assimilate all it has to offer. I congratulate Dr. Kinderlehrer and thank him for this most impressive work.

The ultimate guide to recognizing, coping with, and overcoming chronic infection.

Lyme Disease is a major problem. While the CDC reported 427,000 new cases in 2017 based on surveillance criteria, actual numbers based on clinical diagnosis put that number at over one million. It is now well accepted that 10 to 20 percent of these cases go on to become a chronic illness, and these numbers don't even include those people who became chronically ill without ever witnessing a tick attachment or a bulls-eye rash. In other words, hundreds of thousands of people develop a chronic illness every year.
This is why Dr. Dan Kinderlehrer’s book is so important and timely and has the potential to help millions who are victims of this epidemic. His integrative approach offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive plan available for treating and beating this disease. It will discuss brand new treatments such as disulfiram, which is being hailed as a major breakthrough, as well as the use of cannabis to treat pain and anxiety, among other developments in the field. With the staggering growth we are seeing in numbers of people afflicted, this book becomes more important every day.
Kinderhlehrer is in a unique position to write this book. After completing a residency in Internal Medicine in 1979, he opened one of the first practices in the US in what was then called Holistic Medicine. After becoming an expert in nutrition and environmental illness, he became ill himself with Lyme disease complex. His long road to recovery has given him insights into what patients are going through; his background in internal medicine trained him to understand the complexities of this multi-systemic illness; his knowledge of environmental illness has enabled him to evaluate immune dysregulation; and his study of energetic medicine, spiritual alignment, and healing from trauma has yielded insights into how to help patients shift their belief systems to being well.
Recovery from Lyme Disease is by far the most thorough book available on Lyme Disease Complex. It will provide patients with information that will guide them on their healing journeys, as well as supplying doctors with instruction on appropriate diagnosis and treatment approaches.

Hardcover | 384 pages | 9781510762053 | March 16, 2021